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Experts in Shocks and Struts Repair and Replacement

For many drivers, there’s nothing more satisfying than a smooth, safe ride. A suspension system goes a long way in adapting vehicles to the different driving conditions motorists use to travel every day. Components that work in unison with the suspension system are the vehicle’s struts and shock absorbers, and it’s important to ensure they’re well maintained to avoid potential safety risks. Shocks and struts are designed to dampen and absorb the impact from road force and other components within the suspension system. At Tops Tire and Wheel, drivers throughout El Paso, TX have relied on us to provide high-quality repairs and replacements of shocks and struts. If your vehicle is giving you a rougher ride than usual, put our experience to work for you.

What Is the Difference Between Shocks and Struts?

Oftentimes, shocks and struts are confused for one another. Both components perform similar functions but serve different roles. Although shocks and struts both dampen vehicle movement, shocks act as an individual component of the suspension system, while struts are a major structural part of both the chassis and the suspension system.

The Function of Struts

Struts serve to dampen and absorb suspension movement, but they are designed mostly for independent suspension, front-wheel drive vehicles to act as a pivot point for the steering mechanism. The strut assembly provides structural support for the vehicle’s suspension to maintain stability while keeping the tires in proper alignment, resulting in better vehicle control and a smooth, comfortable ride.

The Function of Shocks

The primary purpose of shocks is to control suspension and spring movement. Shock absorbers help your vehicle adjust to changing driving conditions, provide resistance when forces cause the suspension to excessively bouncing, and protect other parts from unnecessary damage. Shocks help keep your tires intact with the road, dampen the impact from road hazards such as potholes, improve braking and handling, and maximize your suspension system’s performance.

Your Trusted Automotive Service Center

The configuration of shocks and struts can vary from vehicle to vehicle. There is either a strut or a shock absorber mounted in place to accompany each wheel. To ensure your shocks and struts are performing at their best, trust the industry-leading knowledge and experience at Tops Tire and Wheel. Bring your vehicle to one of our locations and we’ll inspect every component, determine whether repairs or replacements are necessary, and get your car back to its peak performance. Struts and shocks are essential components that contribute to the overall safety and comfort while on the road. Contact us to schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll make sure your vehicle is in prime condition.

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